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Welcome to Tekkifly

Founder :
Mayank Kumar , a student and a passionate blogger currently i am a free lancer  and  have a passion to help others ,lives in Ranchi ,Jharkhand . 
Our mission is very simple that is to make digital education very simple reachable to everyone with the free of cost . we would love to provide help to students and all the learners to make their study easy . 
Our main focus is to provide resources are for all, available equally around.  If you got a question simply write to us our team will surely help you out,just write or ask us at our customer help platforms.
Yes, our aim is to provide all study material you need for your preparation at free of cost.also if you fell or need to clarify your doubt just ask us at our Email address - [ tekkiflyweb@gmail.com ]
We are concerned with reading, learning, teaching and helping in a very simple mean of internet. And we are doing it in a very friendly way at all steps.

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