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DBMS ( Database Management System)  .We can say it like as DBMS => Database + Management System which is known for managment of data in different form and storing of data in different ways. Database is used for managment of data by using various sets of programs and codes it's managment system is used to retrive and acess data from various ways or location by using some different set of rules . Here are the DBMS notes which will help you to learn and master this course in very effective manner.

Below are topic wise notes :

Introduction to DBMS

DBMS Applications

Advantages of DBMS over file processing system

DBMS Architecture

View of Data

Data Abstraction

Instances and Schemas

Data Models in DBMS

E-R Model in DBMS

DBMS Generalization

DBMS Specialization

DBMS Aggregation

Relational Model in DBMS

RDBMS concepts

Hierarchical data Model in DBMS

Network Model in DBMS

Database languages

Relational Algebra

Relational Calculus

Keys in DBMS

Primary key

Super key

Candidate key

Alternate key

Composite key

Foreign key

Constraints in DBMS

Domain constraints

Mapping constraints

Cardinality in DBMS

Functional dependencies in DBMS

Trivial functional dependency

non-trivial functional dependency

Multivalued dependency

Transitive dependency

Normalization in dbms – This covers all the normal forms: First Normal Form(1NF), Second Normal Form(2NF), Third Normal Form(3NF), Boyce–Codd Normal Form(BCNF)

Transaction Management in DBMS

ACID Properties

Transaction States

DBMS Schedules


DBMS Conflict Serializability

DBMS View Serializability


Concurrency Control

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